Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My Designs:

promote Iranian culture in London :

The idea was to design several small projects to promote Iranian culture in london

one of them was to clarify what is hejab about? how and where is it ?

For start I explained what is hijab and why then I illustrated hijab in 9 different islamic cultures with Iranian women inside the house following with this page I attached a poster based on Iranian women tribes out fits.

تبلیغ فرهنگ ایرانی در انگلستان
ایده : طراحی پروژه های کوچک متعدد برای تبلیغ فرهنگ ایرانی در لندن
برای نمونه تحلیل چیستی حجاب و کجا و چکونگی آن بود
برای آغاز چگونگی حجاب را در ۹ کشور اسلامی سپس ایران و انواع متفاوت پوشش ها به تصویر کشیده شد و در انتهاپوستری از پوشش۱۰ اقوام متفاوت ایرانی مورد بررسی قرار گرفت.


My research document

I have divided it in to different sections based on different stage in my design process:

D&AD Exhibition:

This is me & This is mine
This is a Diary designed for young teenagers they could memories all the moments they wan in a day or night. The quotes will help them to look for more motivations in their daily life.
Most importantly it will guide them with their long-term and short-term life plan.

there are:
8 motivating quotes by Gabriel Garcia.
2 pages for last night's dream.
2 page for doodling their day.
2 page for short-term life plan.
1 page for long-term plan.
1 page for let out their feelings.
And 2 page photo frames.

here are the 8 motivating quotes I will upload the rest of them soon...

Quite smoking patches:

here are the redesign of GSK patches they are designed for young smokers, I have tried to make them funky by designing them as a tattoos but that is not all they will be glow in dark tattoos !

Shic dry cleaners leaflet in pinner:


London zoo project:

The idea was to make London zoo more exiting same time try to be more environmental
by adding for this reason I used balloons so it would get the attention not just from inside the zoo but from out side too.

same time I designed a information devise instead of boring text boards which they could give the users any information about related animal and they would be able to print it on CD or even they can adopt animal they want and they can have their reside right a way.

Family tree:

here is a group work, each colour shows one family and the more close they are to us they would be taller than the rest and the gradient is for how close or far relative they are.

The car-wash poster :
for Northwood school


Olympia icons:

and here are a set of Olympia icons based on their activity and the fields :

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